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20 Colors availale from stock!



66 Colors availale from stock!



31 Colors availale from stock!


The world changes, textiles changes. Reynaldo changes with it! Reynaldo understands the trends which makes an assortment of special fabrics. Our emotion and our sense is told by our products.

The result is the special collection of Reynaldo!

Designs, materials, colors and patterns. Every detail deserves our full attention; stitching, finish, materials, coloring, style and atmosphere. A long process in which we do step by step, chapter after chapter, is the story of our collection. We focus continuously on the total cohesion, underlying thought and the meaning of our entire collection.

Due to the rapid economic growth, technical possibilities and social developments, we get more interest in Asia, the Middle East and South America. Within these continents we inspire us by their countries, peoples and cultures. That is reflected in the distinctive detailing, recognizable structures, rural colours and typical patterns within our collection.


We have a brand new showroom in Eindhoven so we closed the showroom at ETC Expo. You can now visit our showroom 5 days a week by appointment.

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tel.: +31 (0)40 251 04 24

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